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Cape Cod Aquatics Pools and Hot Tubs – Where every home is waterfront.

About Us

Cape Cod Aquatics Pools and Hot Tubs was founded by Jim and Michele Treese in 2002, and has been growing ever since. Jim and Michele built the business based on quality work and great customer service. They understand the importance in purchasing a large item such as a Pool or a Hot Tub for your family and home, and they work hard to earn your business and your confidence. A happy customer is their #1 goal.

Our Goals

To provide the best customer service possible for a happy customer.
To maintain the highest quality standards for our company, our employees and our products.
To have the best trained and experienced professionals available for our customers.
To provide reliable products that are of the highest quality and backed by reputable manufacturers. We’ve done the research for you.
To provide future service and support throughout your ownership of our products.
To support our community through volunteerism and contributions.

Helping Others and Community Support

cape-cod-aquaticsCape Cod Aquatics believes in giving back. We have volunteered in a number of free San Juan Fiberglass therapy pool and spa installations for United States Veterans who were injured in the war. Jim and Michele Treese volunteer and encourage their employees to volunteer as well.

Cape Cod Aquatics participated in the Northeast Veteran Training and Rehabilitation Center rehabilitation pool, located at Mount Wachusetts Community College in Gardner, Massachusetts. This facility has the ability to help hundreds of United States Veterans who have given so much while in service for our country. (see photos above). They also participated in installing a diving pool for the Divers 4 Heroes organization. This dive pool is used to teach United States wounded warrior Veterans how to scuba dive. Other Veteran pool builds are the Steven Natow Veteran Pool Build project and the Peter Reid Veteran Pool Build project.

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Our community is important to us as well, and Cape Cod Aquatics also supports the American Red Cross, Cape Cod Chapter, as well as, The Family Pantry Corporation which helps to provide Cape Cod families with food, clothing, and holiday toys, located in Harwich. And we are also happy to support local youth sports programs.



Thank you to all of our customers!!! We are grateful for your business, and our hard work has paid off…VOTED BEST POOL AND HOT TUB COMPANY ON CAPE COD!!!



Cape Cod Aquatics Pools and Hot Tubs continues to earn the prestigious “Service Award” presented by Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs, the world’s most recognized brand of portable acrylic spas. With as many as 1,000 independently-owned authorized dealer locations around the world, retailers strive for this respected distinction, showing that they are the best in the hot tub industry. This award qualifies Cape Cod Aquatics Pools and Hot Tubs of Harwich, Massachusetts as an elite retailer in a select group.

The Jacuzzi Hot Tubs Service Award recognizes and rewards those dealers who have attained the highest levels of customer service and have demonstrated professionalism and dedication. Cape Cod Aquatics Pools and Hot Tubs has consistently resolved all customer disputes, and has at least one factory certified technician on staff that has completed the manufacturer’s intensive technical service trainings. Each of these technicians has passed tests demonstrating their comprehension and mastery of the skills necessary to service Jacuzzi products. Cape Cod Aquatics Pools and Hot Tubs is highly qualified to receive this award as they have met all the strict requirements set forth by Jacuzzi Hot Tubs, representing the highest caliber of spa dealer, proving themselves a valuable asset to Cape Cod and the islands.



Cape Cod Aquatics Pools and Hot Tubs was awarded a prestigious “Dealer of Excellence Award” presented by San Juan Fiberglass Pools. They were formally recognized by San Juan Fiberglass Pools with the esteemed award at the manufacturer’s International Dealer Conference in Lakeland, Florida.

San Juan Fiberglass pools also recognized Cape Cod Aquatics Pools and Hot Tubs for their contributions to the Northeast Veteran Training and Rehabilitation Center pool installation in Gardner, Massachusetts for United States veterans.

We are your exclusive San Juan Pools, Jacuzzi Hot Tubs and Nordic Hot Tubs dealer for Cape Cod, Nantucket, and Martha’s Vineyard. Fiberglass pools are the most durable, energy efficient, and maintenance free swimming pools made today, and will give you and your loved ones many years of enjoyment. Jacuzzi the coolest name in hydrotherapy since 1956 is still hot today. Nordic hot tubs are reliable, therapeutic, simple and affordable. We service what we sell and most other makes and models with experienced professional technicians.

Cape Cod Aquatics is a pool builder that specializes in fiberglass pools
Cape Cod Aquatics is a pool builder that specializes in fiberglass pools and is proud to be the authorized retailer for San Juan Fiberglass swimming pools for Cape Cod and the Islands. San Juan has been the leader in the fiberglass pool industry since 1958. No other Fiberglass pool manufacturer has made and installed more fiberglass pools throughout the world.

Fiberglass pools are the most durable, energy efficient, and maintenance free swimming pools made today, and will give you and your loved ones many years of enjoyment.

In the mid 1950s fiberglass was introduced as a new, superior building material. Since then, fiberglass’ durability, lasting beauty and ease of maintenance have made it the primary construction choice for boats, automobiles and dozens of other products, including swimming pools.

Delivering your Fiberglass Pool by Boat, Barge, Truck and CraneFiberglass offers advantages that concrete and vinyl pools cannot. They are actually more permanent than the other two types and do not require the maintenance and remodeling that is necessary to keep concrete and vinyl pools looking great. Fiberglass is more resistant to stains than plaster finishers, and it never needs painting or liner replacements. It is also impervious to algae, 17 times stronger than concrete, energy efficient, and quickly installed. Plus a 25 year warranty. That’s just the beginning of the unique fiberglass advantage.

Now let’s talk future savings. Comparing with gunite/concrete pools after a lower initial cost fiberglass, Fiberglass pools do not leach any materials into the water, i.e., alkaloids and other materials from concrete and plaster finishes, making long periods of filtration unnecessary. Also, the smooth surface of a fiberglass pool allows the water to circulate easily and is comfortable on your feet. A fiberglass pool can reduce your electric costs by over 30% because less filtration is required. Fiberglass saves on chemicals for the same reasons it saves on electricity. It is not necessary to use acids, which destroy and pit plaster finishes, because alkaloids from cement are not constantly leaching into the water. This also substantially reduces the amount of chlorine needed. Fiberglass can save you more than 70% on chemicals. No expensive acid washing, sand blasting, or re-plastering ever.

Savings compared to vinyl liners, with fiberglass it stays beautiful year after year with very little maintenance. No ultraviolet degradation, no patches and no liners to replace ever. Be aware liners may have a warranty, but does that cover the labor to install it? With Fiberglass let your kids play and lets your pets swim without worrying about expensive hole and repairs.

Conviently located
Conviently located in the heart of Harwich Center, just a block from Town Hall and Brooks Library.
About 1 mile off Route 6 at exit 10 in Harwich Center or from Route 28 about 1 mile north on Bank Street or Sisson Road to Parallel Street.

We are the Jacuzzi Hot Tub, San Juan Fiberglass Pool and Nordic hot tub dealer for Cape Cod, Nantucket, and Marthas Vineyard
We carry a full line of hot tub / pool chemicals and supplies.
Jacuzzi and Nordic wet testers for you to try them before you buy.

We are open all year.

Serving all of Cape Cod.
We service what we sell and most other makes and models with experienced professional technicians. We perform all our own warranty work, for worry free ownership, we do not out source. Our service technicians are insured and certified Jacuzzi trained with years of experience, and are re-certified every 2 years. Call us for:

Hot tub service and repair
Spring cleaning and openings
Weekly or biweekly maintenance
Water change, clean and balance
Replacement covers with removal and disposal of old hot tubs

Please give us a call today, 508-430-1555
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